Pat Lashley's Resumés

This page provides access to my resumé, current as of 2018-11-08, in various formats.
ISO Standard Open Document
This is the best version. It should be readable by LibreOffice, Apache OpenOffice,, KOffice, Google Docs, Microsoft Office 2013 or later, NeoOffice, Zoho Office Suite, IBM Lotus Symphony, Corel WordPerfect Office X4, and other modern standards-compliant office software. There is also a conversion package for use with Microsoft Office. can be downloaded from and used at no charge.
Adobe Portable Document Format [PDF]
With a good PDF viewer, this version should look as good as the original.
Automatically converted via It should be viewable by any modern standards-compliant browser. It is surprisingly close to the original; exccept that it uses the full width of your browser window and no page breaks instead of the 8.5x11 inch original page size. Probably not the best choice for printing.
Microsoft Word 2007-2019 Format
Automatically converted via
Uniform Office Format
(Also called Unified Office Format.) An open standard for office applications developed in China. Automatically converted from odt by
Rich Text Format
Automatically converted from Most of the formatting info appears to be intact, if you have a viewer that can handle all of the commands. But there are issues with the multi-column lists and the bullets.

Since the masterf document is in ODT, that's probably the best format. If you don't have any thing that can use that format; the PDF is probably the most accurate conversion. The HTML is good if you just want a quick look before deciding whether to downloade one of the others.

For those of you wondering why I bothered with the other formats; I answer "Why not?" LibreOffice makes it easy to do; and it's an interesting test of its ability to do those conversions.